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I have slain the dragon, the despot, and the dictator and have been all three. I have driven a car faster than any man should, while both running from the law and enforcing it. I have seen the future and the past and every possible incarnation of the present. I have waged wars across countries, kingdoms, dimensions, galaxies and time itself. I have been the hero that has travelled the road to villain, before finding redemption and finding my way back. I have slain my enemy while commanding a mighty battleship, while lying prone atop a hill five miles away, looking through the scope of a rifle, and while wreathed in the flames of glorious battle amidst the sounds of clanging swords and breaking bones. I have acquired the wealth of kings and emperors, and have lost even more to the winds of change and the whims of madmen. I have seen the gates of Heaven and the fires of Hell, as much as any man still living can. I have thwarted the designs of dictators, terrorists, conspirators, traitors, usurpers and even a few good men. I have killed the blameless and forgiven the guilty, and in the same day have I saved countless innocent lives while unleashing such a vengeance on the corrupt and their followers. I have been the last man alive on a dying world, and the first man to set foot on a world newly born. I have been a king, an urchin and even a god. I have saved whole continents, entire planets and the expanses of the universe from certain destruction not once or twice, but dozens of times. I have made friends and found comrades in the most unlikely of places; I have earned their trust, their respect and their loyalty, just as they have earned mine. I have commanded diminutive armies on strange, alien worlds and have led whole fleets of warships against the forces of an enemy nation. I have solved mysteries that have baffled men for centuries, and have discovered secrets that were best left buried by time and ignorance. I have led and quelled revolutions, built and destroyed kingdoms and learned, countless times, that light and dark are two sides of the same coin. I have been cursed and blessed and everything in between. I have been a doctor, a professor, a lawyer, a murderer, a super hero, a rock star, a pirate, a private, a pilot…and even a plumber.

I have done all these things from the comfort of my couch. I enjoy storytelling through a digital medium. I enjoy the manifestation of man’s creativity and ingenuity on a television screen. I enjoy being immersed in a world that is not my own and a character that is as much me as I want him to be. I enjoy video games.

By Jarek Matthew Jones