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Rupert's Children Adventure Series!


Basic Overview - Rupert is a brave little boy who's not afraid of anything! He runs and play and loves having fun, but his best friend Glenn seems to be afraid of just about everything. That's not a problem for Rupert, though. When Glenn is afraid, Rupert is there to help. With a courageous head and a kind heart, Rupert shows Glenn that there's really no need to be afraid, and helps Glenn try new things every day.

Story - In Rupert's Not Afraid of Climbing Trees, Rupert shows Glenn that climbing trees is a fun thing to do, even if it can be a little scary.

Story - In Rupert's Not Afraid of the Dark - Rupert shows Glenn that there's nothing to be a afraid of when the lights go out!

Interactivity - At the beginning of each book, the child can choose whether they want to be read to by a mommy or a daddy, or they can choose to read to themselves.

By tapping the bouncing words on each page, the characters come to life and act out the story right before the eyes of the reader. When the page is over, simply tap to turn the page just like a real book! If you need to use your iDevice while reading about Rupert and Glenn, don't worry about losing your place. Your story will still be at the same page when you come back!

Board or Die

RD Snow Level

Basic Overview - Board or Die is a reflex based snow boarding game featuring our newest sure-to-be-iconic character, Radical Dude, as he races through five different levels dodging oncoming objects and tap-destroying falling objects. With the help of power ups and the inexplicable ability to transform in level-themed awesomeness, Radical Dude keeps his multiplier high in an attempt to obtain achievements, high scores and the highly coveted 25 unlockable skins. Go get 'em, Radical Dude!

Story - "But Radical Dude," shouted the publicity manager, "you can't board down that! You'll die! Or at the very least, you won't achieve the highest score!"

"Watch me." said Radical Dude, and with that he left the building and the naysayers in the dust. He headed for "Doom of A Thousand Winters Mountain", was dropped off at the peak, fired a stick of dynamite to ensure an avalanche, and began the long decent down. I might not ever make it to the bottom, he said to himself, but I WILL be getting that high score, and no avalanche, polar bears, giant eagles, ridiculously oversized snow balls or tragically destroyed village of Eskimos are going to get in my way.

And thus it was that Radical Dude, the world's most gnarly snow boarder, found himself on the world's most dangerous mountain, in the world's most dangerous river, on the world's most dangerous street, in world's most dangerous forest, and falling through the world's most dangerous sky. He has vowed to conquer them all, in style, because he's just that cool.

Intro Screen

Gameplay - Board or Die switches between three modes:

Bottom of the Screen - When Radical Dude (RD) is on the bottom of the screen, players must tap to destroy the approaching, falling or pursuing objects. Some objects, like giant blimps, still can't be destroyed so the player will have to dodge them, but these are rare. During these portions of gameplay, an 'Avalanche Pickup' will sometimes appear at the top of the screen, indicated by a red arrow. Hitting this pickup will allow RD to be temporarily invincible and drop a huge amount of multiplier increasing tappable objects (more to come on multipliers below). After some time, ranging from just a few seconds to many, RD will shift to one of the other two positions.

Top of the Screen - When at the top of the screen, RD is tasked with using the slider bar at the bottom of the screen to move left and right and dodge the oncoming obstacles. Often, a green arrow will appear on the bottom of the screen indicating a 'Spin Pickup.' If RD can run into this Spin Pickup, he will become momentarily invincible, spinning around and throwing his trail of debris at the obstacles around him. Each one that he hits will be destroyed and will add to the multiplier.

RD River Level

Middle of the Screen - Occasionally RD will have the misfortune of being placed in the middle of the screen where he has to both dodge oncoming objects and tap falling objects. This can be difficult, but thankfully they only last for a short amount of time. Listen for the music to change as a queue that things are going to be very hard for a few seconds.

Bombs - RD will be awarded bombs for reaching point milestones. At 20k, 60k, 180k, 540k and so on, RD will get a bomb that he can use by tapping the bomb icon on the top of the screen. Tapping this will clear everything on the screen, greatly increasing RD's multiplier and giving momentary reprieve from the onslaught of obstacles. Use them wisely as they become very hard to obtain the longer the level goes on.

Dying - When RD runs into an object or is hit by an object, his multiplier will be cut in half and the screen will flash red. If you're hit again while the screen is flashing, it's game over, but if you can survive long enough, the screen will go back to normal and RD will live to fight another day, albeit with a much lower multiplier.

Multiplier - The multiplier on the bottom right corner of the screen is key to obtaining a high score. RD receives points the entire time that he's moving, simply as a reward for surviving. He also receives points every time an object is destroyed. Each of these rewards has a point value, but that value is multiplied by the current points multiplier allowing for fast points accumulation awarded to tubular boarders. Be careful though, the higher the multiplier, the faster RD will speed down the screen. On the upside, a faster speed means a larger wake of debris and a larger radius of destruction when he gets a spin power up.

RD Sky Level

Stars and Being Invincible - Sometimes the screen will flash white; if it does, quickly look for the yellow arrow to appear. This indicates that a star is in play. It may be moving up from the bottom of the screen or falling from the top, but try to get it as they are very rare. When RD gets a star, he'll inexplicably transform into something awesome and be invincible. Run into as many objects and obstacles as possible during this time as each one will increase your multiplier by 2 instead of the usual 1. After a time, RD will start to flash and it'll be 'back to work.'

Unlockables - There are three points-based achievements for each level. Simply getting to a certain point value will unlock them in Game Center. Earning these achievements will also earn you rewards in the game. Each achievement will unlock one of the 3 skins that each level holds, and earning the second achievement in each level will unlock the next level. Board hard and collect the ultimate skin for each level!

Continuing - Dying is unfortunate, but it doesn't have to be the end of the game. If you die, we're happy to give you a hand for a very respectable .99 cents. Continuing (by pressing the button that says "Keep it Up!") will allow RD to come back to life with his current score, give him TWO MORE bombs and treat him as though he just picked up a star. Continuing is awesome and everybody wins. Plus, you'll get an achievement!

Play and have fun and be Radical Dudes and Dudettes. Wyld Stallyns Games approves and encourages such behavior.

Be Excellent to Each Other!


GRink Screenshot

Basic Overview – GRink is a game for the iPhone and iPad, currently, but we hope to expand to other portable devices in the future. GRink is a side scrolling puzzle platformer in the vein of The Lost Vikings or ‘Splosion Man. Using the ability to GROW and shrink, the character will attempt to escape a gigantic laboratory of a now deceased mad scientist. The lab is in lockdown and all of the traps and defenses are activated to keep things from getting in and out.

Story – The mad scientist Dr. Tossalot has just finished his grow and shrink gun, called the GRinker. Upon finding that his favorite lab rat (literally a rat) has died, he must test his gun on something. Not wanting to accidently break any of his own things in the event that it doesn’t work, he decides to grab the first thing that he sees outside. His secret underground lab happens to be located under a school. This location suits Dr. Tossalot, as he can both snatch children for experimentation and people don’t drive too quickly. Young people today. But I digress. The first thing that Dr. Tossalot sees as he runs topside for quick peek is a crosswalk sign… Using his detach stuff ray, he grabs the sign and heads back underground.

He positions his GRinker to fire and hits the button to shrink it, and lo, it works. He presses the grow button, and it works again. He’s so excited that he presses the buttons over and over again, making the sign grow and shrink over and over. In his excitement, he starts laughing all ‘evil doctor’ like and then has a heart attack. He falls over on another gun to his left, the Bring-Stuff-to-Life Gun (with a little sign under it that says ‘working title’). The gun hits the growing and shrinking sign and animates the little man on the sign. He comes to life, but finds himself growing and shrinking and unable to control it. At this point, the lab recognizes the death of Dr. Tossalot and goes into lock down mode and has activated a myriad of defenses to keep things on the outside from getting in, and to keep anything on the inside from getting out. The Man, as he is now and forever referred to, must try to escape the lab.

GRink Screenshot

Gameplay – The game revolves around The Man’s ability to GROW and shrink at will. The first couple of levels revolve around getting the player acclimated to moving and accustomed to the need to be a certain size to do certain things. As such, the growing and shrinking will happen automatically, growing to X size and then shrinking again to Y size before starting over. These first few levels will feel a little Mario-esque because of the timing involved. There won’t be anything that will kill you for a little bit. After about three levels, the player will get the ability to grow and shrink the character using the appropriate buttons. With the ability to move left, right, jump and grow and shrink at will, the player will be given a myriad of obstacles. Fans and vacuums add an extra element to puzzle solving, along with dangerous spike traps that should be avoided to ensure the safety of The Man. Twenty glorious levels await with difficulties ranging from easy and light-hearted to very challenging. Look for GRink today in the App Store!

Time and Again

Coming soon for PC!