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Rupert's Not Afraid of the Dark! - Development Journal Prime

Check out the trailer on YouTube!

Available on the App Store for $1.99!

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Rupert's Not Afraid of Climbing Trees! - Development Journal Prime

By the way, we here at Wyld Stallyns Games are making a children's book!

Also, we already finished it! Check out the trailer on YouTube!

Also, also, it already available on the App Store for $1.99!


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Board or Die - Development Journal 2

Board or Die is Live! - Board or Die took an extensive amount of time to get finished, but good things come to those who wait and you've waited long enough. We're particularly proud of BoD because it really showcases the abilities of each of our team members.

Nester's modeling and animating was put to new tests with all of the invincibility forms.

Nate got to learn what it's like to pick through someone else's code and pick up a project in the middle of it. He and Unity3D seem to be getting along just fine.

Zaybriel got to work on his first ever video game and discover the magic of 'deadlines' and 'workloads,' and he delivered in impressive fashion.

Carl got to prove that it doesn't matter what kind of medium a developer forces him to use, he'll set the perfect tone for every game, every time.

Everything came together in the end. Check out a video of BoD and see it in the app store!

Board or Die - Development Journal 1

Board or Die is an iPhone and iPad game where you dodge and destroy objects as you board through five different levels and try to keep your multiplier high enough to gain points and unlock achievements. With GRink, we were creating a commentary on modern society and demonstrating through gameplay that we can all be used, regardless of our size, to solve highly contrived puzzles in unrealistic room. Pretty deep, we know, but with Board or Die, we just want you to have fun. The game features an excellent, classic chip tune soundtrack and is really shaping up nice visually. Check out the video and see where baby video games come from.

Board or Die Development Journal 1

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GRink - Development Journal 4

This video shows final gameplay on the iPhone and iPad. Enjoy the fruits of our fingers!

GRink Development Journal 4

GRink - Development Journal 3

This is our first video of gameplay on the iPhone. Everything seems to be working fine now, but there are still some movement physics that need to be taken care of (can you spot the probelm that we're having?). Also, there are some very nice animated fans down on the ground and we've set limitations on the GRinking. When we grow to large for an area, it forcably stops you from getting larger and sets the slider at your current size.

GRink Development Journal 3

GRink - Development Journal 2

This next video shows our first bit of progress onto the iPad. After experimenting with a number of different control layouts, we think that this one works. The Man is jumping and running and growing and shrinking (oh my) all with the use of the touch pad. Derek put together a small area to run around in and youíll see Kevinís bony fingers demoing it. Also, Nester designed GRink's new game logo. Check out the link below to see the video on Wyld Stallyns Games' youtube channel.

GRink Development Journal 2

GRink - Development Journal 1

Alright everyone, after two weeks of work, we are making real progress. In the first video, youíll see a demonstration of how The Man (modeled by Blender enthusiast, Eric Nester) looks running around and jumping. We also show how he grows and shrinks (functionality by Kevin Miller) and then how he reacts to the fans and vacuums based on his size (courtesy of Dr. Watson). These are small things to look at, but making these simple functions work correctly opens up a wealth of puzzle possibilities. Click the link below to find out what in the world Iím talkiní about.

GRink Development Journal 1