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Nothing Boring About Board or Die

Wyld Stallyns Games finishes their next great game.

On Saturday, June 2, the fresh faced game development studio Wyld Stallyns Games released their next app on the App Store for free. Board or Die is a reflex based snowboarding game where the player must tap falling objects and avoid oncoming objects in an attempt to achieve the highest score and unlock achievements and skins for the five different levels. With each level more difficult and detailed than the last, can you get the highest score? Can you even survive long enough to pick up one of the coveted stars? You'll never know unless you download Board or Die and find out. Did we mention it's free?

When Gnarly and Tubular Dude (she was Tubular Chick before marrying) had their first child, they knew that he would be something special. They named him Radical, for that is what they knew he would one day be. Fast forward 25 years into the future, Radical Dude is on a mission to show that every locale in the world can be a Radical place to board. Whether that place is a forest with crazed lumberjacks or an urban sprawl filled with sentient, Dude-seeking tires and zombies, Radical Dude will board where no dude has boarded before. Armed with sick spinning powers, stellar speed and the inexplicable ability to transform into monsters and machinery (especially Level 5), Radical Dude won't soon be failing to impress. As the 16-bit inspired soundtrack rocks Mr. Dude into fame, you are rewarded with achievements and a leader board with which to post you your own radicalness. Excited? You should be.

Wyld Stallyns Games is a startup company composed of current students and graduates from Texas State Technical College. Owner and director Jarek Matthew Jones and his talented team are working tirelessly to bring fun and original games to the mobile marketplace and Board or Die is the second in a long line of planned titles to be released in the next few years. With a belief in the power of interactive entertainment as a teaching tool, Wyld Stallyns Games aspires to bring meaningful and inspirational games to all markets in an attempt to, in their own way, make a the world a better place and make a difference in the life of the individual. With a game like Board or Die, simply the joy of pointless fun can improve someone's day. The next step in the stage of Wyld Stallyns Games has been taken, and its name is Board or Die. Download Board or Die on the App Store now for iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, and iPad for free. Be Excellent to Each Other!