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Rupert's at it again in his second children's adventure story helping his good buddy Glenn in Rupert's Not Afraid of the Dark! Available now in the App Store!


Rupert's Not Afraid of Climbing Trees! Get the first book in this children's series about a brave boy named Rupert! Available now on the App Store.


Read the press release for Board or Die here!


The new patch is coming soon! Enjoy suspending your game and coming back for those achievements!


Watch the trailer for Board or Die!


Hello Wyld Stallyns faithful and curious passersby, it's time for a site update. The Board or Die reveal video that you likely watched dozens of times is now officially outdated as the game is finished! After a couple of changes to the makeup of lovely faces here at headquarters, we got back to work and behold, a finished product!

Board or Die - Free on the App Store!


Wyld Stallyns Games is an independent game company run from the comfort of a kitchen in central Texas. Our goal is to make games that make the world a better place. Through well crafted digital experiences, people can learn to value concepts like excellence, hard work, contentment, honor and courage, just to name a few. The band "Wyld Stallyns" featured in the Bill and Ted movies were supposed to have brought world peace and unity through their music, and that's what we want to do with our games. We want to make games that can be enjoyed and experienced by every race and reasonable religion in this great world. And so, we have adopted the name Wyld Stallyns Games in hopes of mirroring the same results that they had. We know that the movies are silly, but the message is surprisingly poignant at the time of this writing.


Money makes the world go round, and right now we don't have any. So for the next couple of years, Wyld Stallyns Games' goal is to make fun games that appeal to lots of people and are easy to play while still being mentally stimulating. The 'i' products and Droid are a good way to get started, and then we're hoping to progress to the XBOX Live Arcade, PSN and Wii downloadable markets. As our profit base increases, so too will the scope and significance of our projects until, one day, we have the resources and man power to change the world. With your support and encouragement we can make it all happen. For now, check out what we're currently working on in the games link up at the top of the page, and be excellent to each other.

Jarek Matthew Jones

Wyld Stallyns Games

Rupert's Not Afraid of the Dark! Rupert in iTunes

Rupert's Not Afraid of the Dark!

Rupert's Not Afraid of the Dark!

$1.99 in the App Store!

Rupert's Not Afraid of Climbing Trees! Rupert in iTunes

Rupert's Not Afraid of Climbing Trees!

Rupert's Not Afraid of Climbing Trees!

$1.99 in the App Store!

Board or Die - Free! Board or Die in iTunes

Board or Die

GRink - 99 cents! GRink in iTunes